Thursday, November 1, 2012

I may need binoculars

So Micah has never been terribly fond of me leaving him in the hands of strangers (even his PT that he's had for 18 months) in a foreign land aka anywhere and everywhere but especially places he knows he doesn't know. And this horseback riding thing is no exception.

For liability reasons we are not allowed to partake in his therapy here, so we cant be with him which he doesn't like. On top of that, Micah has taken to screaming bloody murder they-are-sawing-off-my-hands death screams when I walk away OR if he sees us sitting in the waiting area. Now we park on the other side of the property and watch him from a distance. He has a blast because he's not worried about where we are but I can't see a dang thing. I think we may need to bring binoculars....

Top image is actual
Bottom is zoomed in on my phone

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